Handcycling is a major Paralympic discipline which gained significant public attention in London 2012. But how fast can a handcycle actually go? The answer lies in how streamlined it is. Greg Westlake holds the current men’s arms-only world speed record – at 45.68mph, and the women’s record is 21.39mph.

In Battle Mountain, Nevada, annual speed trials are held on a long, flat, straight, high altitude road, where competitors try to set new speed records. Speed is measured over a 200m distance, but an unlimited (often several miles) run-up is allowed. Plymouth University have teamed up with world-class handcyclist Liz McTernan to design, build and race a streamlined handcycle at Battle Mountain, September 2015, with the aim of bringing a world record home with us.

In this blog we will try to keep you upto date with all handcycle progress. If you have and further questions do not hesitate to contact either:

Adam Kyte:
01752 586116

Matthew Sharman:

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