Day 4 – New rider, new challenge…

With the injury concerns, Liz has decided not to continue riding Beluga and stick to her own recumbent (unfaired) handcycle, Red Lightning. A bit of a blow for Beluga’s record hopes.

And so to plan B…after a total of 5 minutes of handcycling experience Adam will start his competitive handcycling career at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge! With a few modifications to the rider position (does my bum look big in this?) Adam set a very respectable speed of 30.7 mph in is first run. Frustratingly the wind was just slightly too high to be classified as a valid run. But this has certainly proved the metal of Beluga. Well done Adam!!!

The main excitement of the day however was in the incredible effort by Canadian Todd Reichert from the Aerovelo team, smashing the world HPV speed record in his leg powered bike, ‘ETA’ at a speed of 85.7 mph. The local police force issued a speeding ticket in honour of his achievement!

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