Day 1 of the World Human Powered Speed Challenge

So here we are, Day 1 of the WHPSC. After our first night in the RV we made our first attempts on route 305.


First challenge: qualification. In order to compete further all bikes must complete a 2.5 mile qualifying run. To make use of the low winds and cooler temperatures the runs are held in the morning and evening. The first days runs contained highs and lows with Liz breaking the women’s handcycling speed record on her own competition bike, Red lightning (unfaired). Congratulations Liz!!

Liz unfortunately did not get on so well with Beluga – a cable tie was left attached to a brake lever and in the frantic nature of the first run it was unnoticed. This was certainly unwanted drag that we had not accounted for in our performance predictions! Oops.

Lesson number 1: the importance of pre-flight checks!

Very frustrating but there’s always tomorrow!

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